This blog is not currently being maintained, as all Housman-related material on my blogs is being transferred to my main blog here.

I’m leaving this intact as an archive for the moment, but the content is also available (slightly edited and with no ads!) here.

However, this blog may be repurposed in due course.

David Harley

For many years I’ve been mildly obsessed with A.E. Housman’s verse. In the early 70s, I set some of his poems to music. Those pieces (demo versions, at any rate) have now found a home here before too long, though I’ll also be considering other settings of his verse and other aspects of his work in general.

More recently, I’ve been working on a blog called Shropshire Blues, which is essentially a series of personal notes on various aspects of living in Shropshire, and I can’t help but notice that a lot of Housman-related material has crept into it (including those songs). So now I’m rationalizing that material and putting it into one place, and this is where any future Housman-related material is likely to end up.

The header photo shows Titterstone Clee Hill behind Ludlow. The tall church tower in Ludlow is that of St. Laurence’s church (sometimes known as the Cathedral of the Marches, and certainly an impressive interior): Housman’s ashes are buried in the church grounds.

That’s the rationale for the site: here’s more about me…

I’m David Harley, a Shropshire Lad by birth, though I’ve spent longer living outside the county than in it. I do currently live in Ludlow, though, and the contents of several of my current blogs do reflect my (fairly recent) return to the area. Most of my income comes from research into and writing about security, but it’s unlikely that the content of this blog will be much influenced by that.

My security and other blogs are (mostly) listed here, though:

You’re welcome to mail me at dharley@dharley.com, but I don’t promise a speedy reply: though semi-retired, I still have a pretty demanding work schedule.

David Harley 
Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow

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