1. Introduction: a little about this site. (Updated on 12th October 2014, in the light of some further research.)
  2. ‘A Shropshire Lad’ CD: Michael Raven and Joan Mills: a CD review that’s previously appeared on Shropshire Blues and Sabrinaflu. Michael Raven accompanies Joan Mills on a number of settings of lyrics from ‘A Shropshire Lad’, mostly to traditional tunes. There are also a number of guitar pieces, mostly arrangements of traditional Welsh tunes.
  3. A Shropshire Lad XXI [demo]: demo of a setting of my own of ‘On Bredon Hill’
  4. A Recent Summertime on Bredon is basically a couple of photographs from a (fairly) recent visit to the Cotswolds.
  5. A Shropshire Lad XVIII and XIII [demo]: two settings with more or less the same tune, that I’ll probably eventually record properly back-to-back.
  6. Housman in the Salley Gardens: thoughts on the resemblance between Yeats’ ‘Down by the Salley Gardens’ and Housman’s ‘When I was One and Twenty’, among other things.
  7. A Shropshire Lad VIII (Farewell to Severn Shore) demo: another of my settings. Don’t worry, there aren’t too many more of these.
  8. A Shropshire Lad XLVII (The Carpenter’s Son) – demo: and the last of my Housman settings, for the moment anyway.
  9. An afternoon on the Clun has a definite Shropshire Lad connection, but not a piece I’ve set to music.
  10. Another Shropshire Lad considers the poem by John Betjeman also called ‘A Shropshire Lad’ but about Captain Matthew Webb. It was recorded with a musical accompaniment arranged by Jim Parker, and is often heard sung in folk clubs using that tune (I believe that was the idea of John Kirkpatrick – anyway, it works pretty well). And for added value, includes a few photographs taken around Niagara, where Captain Webb met a somewhat spectacular end.
  11. Housman – jazzing it up: thoughts on jazz settings of some of Housman’s verse, as performed by Jacqui Dankworth.

There will be more content here connected with Housman. Sometimes the connection will be fairly tenuous. 🙂

David Harley

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